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AppPlus Lockdown is an app to put a virtual lock on your Android apps. Basically, you can create an independent lock screen for each app, so only you can access them.

In the settings you can choose if you want to use the traditional Android pattern or a PIN code. Whatever you choose, once you set it up, you'll need it every time you want to access AppPlus Lockdown.

From the main screen in AppPlus Lockdown you just have to select the apps you want to protect. The search box lets you find any app quickly, even if you have a lot of them installed.

An interesting feature in AppPlus Lockdown sends you an email every time someone enters the wrong code, notifying you of the time it happened and which app they tried to access. You can also make the device take a picture and send it to you.

AppPlus Lockdown is an interesting app, especially useful for protecting sensitive apps such as your photo gallery or WhatsApp. You might not have anything to hide, but it's nice to have an extra level of security.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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